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"Victoria has a unique combination of skills that make her such an effective mediator – she is

keenly intelligent, she is a great listener, and has a wonderful personality. The clients love her

and feel heard. She understands the personal dynamics and is patient and persistent in crafting a

workable solution. Victoria gets the job done in a way that leaves the client feeling understood. I

couldn’t recommend her more!"

Diane Corwin

Law Offices of Diane Corwin

“Victoria, you’re a rock star!”

Mr. T, Santa Barbara, CA

“Dear Victoria,

I can’t thank you enough for all of the work you put into this case! You achieved a result that I never, ever would have thought possible! I am just amazed that you were able to drive this case to a settlement… Thank you again for all of the hard work and effort that went into getting this matter to a settlement. Best regards,”

Ms. K, Encino, CA

“Thanks for your assistance today. I am not sure whether you know that we presented plaintiffs with ten mediators and they picked you. We look forward to working with you again in the future in Ventura and Santa Barbara County lawsuits.”

Mr. M, Irvine, CA

“You are a pleasure to work with and effective!”

Mr. H, Santa Barbara, CA

“Victoria was awesome and made what could have been a trying day kind of fun.”

W.F., Santa Barbara, CA

“Dear Victoria, Thank you again for all of your hard work today. I sincerely meant it when I said you had achieved what neither [****] nor anybody else could. Looking forward to seeing you soon on another case.”

R, Santa Barbara, CA

“I wanted to thank you again for such a successful outcome yesterday on a not so easy case. [Name of insurance company] is happy to get this case resolved. I will recommend your services on other cases.”

Ms. B, Insurance Adjuster, Westlake Village, CA

“Victoria has an intuitive and efficient approach that minimizes conflict and gets cases settled.”

David Reinard, Attorney, Law Offices of David Reinard, Seal Beach, CA

“… I am cc’ing my partners and giving you two thumbs up as a mediator in their region.”

Mr. L, Riverside, CA

“Thank you!!!! I have to say you are an amazing mediator! I truly appreciate all of your help.”

Mr. M, Attorney, Carpinteria, CA

“Thanks again so much for all your help yesterday. You are a GREAT mediator!!”

Mr. M, Santa Barbara, CA

“Thank you for all your help in bringing about the resolution this litigation. My client is quite happy and I believe everyone involved had a positive experience. This is the way all litigation should be resolved.”

Mr. F, Attorney at Law

“Thank you so very much for your efforts today. We had been close on two previous occasions, but had never been able to seal the deal. I will certainly recommend you to the partners here and others mediating in Santa Barbara and will definitely keep you in mind next time I have a case up that way.”

Mr. S, Attorney at Law

“ Ms. Lindenauer is an excellent and knowledgeable mediator . She helped us settle a case that I thought could not be settled . She listened to my clients and was able to explain to them why settlement and defendant’s offer made sense for all concerned . Her demeanor made everyone comfortable and facilitated settlement. I would highly recommend her.”

Jorge Garcia, Attorney at Law, Los Angeles (for Plaintiff)

“I appreciate your professional handling. You knew the case, were straightforward, keep the mediation focused and guided the process to an equitable conclusion… I think you were able to create a sense of trust in both parties that allowed a sense of even handiness in your handling of the process.”

Rex Melton, California Field Claims Adjuster, California Casualty Management Company (for Defendant)

“Ms. Lindenauer worked tirelessly and efficiently to move the parties in a successful direction towards settlement. She was open, approachable and effective in her method of mediation. My client was truly made comfortable by Ms. Lindenauer’s approach during the otherwise stressful situation and we were both extremely pleased with the result. I would highly recommend Ms. Lindenauer as a mediator in the future, and have already done so to many other attorneys.”

Chad Prentice, Attorney at Law, Santa Barbara (for Plaintiff)

“You seemed quite proficient in cutting through the posturing statements on both sides, and I found it quite endearing that neither side found it necessary to wax on with superfluous nonsense because you have done your homework and kept everyone focused on the settlement target… Since you kept both sides separated, I obviously have no knowledge of how you handled my opponents. However, it is obvious from the successful conclusion, that you were able to convey to the opposition our side of the argument, along with being able to focus each side within settlement parameters that were obviously directed toward a successful resolution, rather than being directed to the rote process. You… clearly, took the time to prepare, undertook the process with a sincere effort to assist the litigants in finding common ground upon which to build a settlement. I want to thank you for doing such a wonderful job, and I would look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Martin F. Goldman, Attorney at Law, Encino (for Plaintiff)